In the summer of 2006, Fredericksburg
    lost it's only souvenir store. We had been
    coming to Fredericksburg over the years
    and enjoyed shopping and sightseeing and
    just couldn't imagine a tourist town
    without souvenirs. When a Main Street
    location became available we jumped at
    the chance to open a souvenir/gift shop.
    The rest, as they say, is history.  

        Ten years later we are enjoying the
    store, the town and the many visitors
    that come from all over the worlds
    to see us.  Since we don't live in
    Fredericksburg, our weekly visits to
    the store feels like Christmas. New
    merchandise and new displays make
    the store a delight. We look forward
    to many more years of selling adventures.
Owners: Ron & Donna
General Store

143 E. Main
Fredericksburg, TX

The Fun

Is Free!!!
Fredericksburg General Store
143 East Main St., Fredericksburg, Texas 78624
(830) 990-4100

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